Magnifico Rione di P. S. Angelo

Magnifico Rione di Porta Sant’Angelo

Perugia 1416 is the celebration of a famous battle in which Braccio Fortebracci, a valorous mercenary captain, took Perugia and some close towns: that was the end of the Republic. Braccio is the most famous leader from Perugia between the Middle Ages and Renaissance; even though he was a warlord, he brought some years of peace and wealth in Perugia, so people loved him very much.
2016 is the first year of this Medieval celebration: Perugia is divided in five boroughs called “Rioni”, which correspond to the five principal gates of the Medieval town. Each gate is characterized by the typical products that went into the city from that direction: wheat and fields from “Porta San Pietro”, fish of the Trasimeno lake from “Porta Santa Susanna”, wood and wild game from “Porta Sant’Angelo”, “Porta Eburnea” vegetable and floral gardens “Porta Sole” mills and flour.

Now the five “Rioni” (that is the people who live there) are involved in two days of games: three challenges (the javelin, the conquest Of the tower, the relay race),and finally the procession of one hundred people from each “Rione”, all dressed as nobles, bourgeois or commoners of the Middle Ages, at the sound of drums.

The most beautiful and coeval procession , which depicts in the best way the habits and costumes of that age, wins and gets points for its “Rione”. At the end, the sum of the points of the games and procession decide who is the winner of the “Palio” for that year.
An actor, who is Captain Braccio, first receives the keys of the city by the Priori, the Medieval rulers, and then gives the “Palio” to the winning “Rione”.

In the two days of games Perugia is full of people dressed as in the Middle Ages, street artists, street markets, taverns, various artistic performances. Therefore Perugia is turned in to an exciting festival for everybody!
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